Cyclocross Diary – “Please sir, may I have some more?”

October 22nd, 2006 by Chris Kroll

Bought a cyclocross bike last week, rode it 3 times, then went and did the “underground” race today in Bloomington.  – A nice event, BTW – good, challenging course, with a little bit of everything (coming from my expert cyclocross history/knowledge!).  Got my arse handed to me.  Man, is this different than mixing it up on the rode.  For those of you surprised at my purchase of said steed, and even more so of attending an event that I’ve categorically poo-poo’d in the past – things change (yes, I did overhear the disparaging remarks regarding this, made by a local rider at Soma before we left; noted and will be remembered, friend).  And so does my off-season approach to cycling.  Did I mention I got my arse handed to me?  It’s everything that I’ve been told, and then some.  I’ve got the bruises on my inner right thigh to prove that hurtling yourself back on the bike after getting off at mid-gallop is not an easy task.  Brauner has taken the CX leap as well with a new sled and he looks good.  I’ll speak for him and say that yes, we would agree that it’s quite fun.  And for how I feel after doing today, it’s got to be beneficial to my fitness and will make me a better on the road next season.  We’re planning on doing the Brookside Park cross race in Indy next Sunday, and like Oliver from the famous story, I’ll be back for some more.  Stay tuned…

 – CJK

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