Battle Lines are being Drawn

We are a couple of weeks into the racing season and already the battle lines are being drawn among the larger teams.  You would recognize the names; Texas Roadhouse, First Internet Bank, Zipp, Shellers, and the riders; Tolson, Kroll, Peterson, Richter, Clark.   Last week a few Bakehouse raced the Eagle Creek oval criterium and this weekend we were at the Marian circuit.  For me, pre-race preparation included listing the teams and individual riders, a review of earlier race results, who is going well, theorizing a presumed strategy for the big teams and establishing a plan to either insert myself into ‘the break’ or positioning for the inevitable trains as they developed in  the last few laps.  Some things can be cross tabulated, but bike racing doesn’t easily lend itself to absolutes.  However, mathematically, all things being equal, if one team has 4 riders and another has 3 then the ‘lesser’ team- in the simplest equation- has to have someone double up on coverage to counter in the last set to engage in all of the ‘larger’ team’s attacks.  So, an interloping team or individual rider needs to be aware of this dynamic and respond accordingly.  Simple, Yes? (wink-wink-nudge-nudge).  But bike races aren’t fought on paper. 

2017 Bakehouse Team Membership Deadline January 29th

If you’re interested in joining the team, complete the attached application prior to January 29th, 2017 and scan and send to   Call me for a conversation or for additional information.  Our kit order closes on January 30th.

I hope to see you on the road with us in 2017!

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Here is the start list for the Tour of Bloomington ITT.  Refer to your message from the USAC Registration team for official information.

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