Route Library

Team Favorites

Oliver TT – A nice flat Time Trial to go really fast
Harstad Flat Smashfest – For if you want to be done and tired in 1:15
Isaac’s West is Best – North-West side Climb Bonanza

30 – 44 Miles

H-Ville, E-Ville, Bottom Road – Short tour of the West
Tour Du Frontage – Turkey Track Tuesday
Vernal-Kirksville-The Alps – 2,000 ft per hour
Paragon – Can you make it in 2 hrs?
Forest, 2 Shores,4 Creeks – 7 hills, 200 ft at a time
(Not Williams) Ride – If you can’t make it to the bridge
45/N. Shore/Bottom – You may be able to see the lake from up there
B’town’s Greatest Hits(not really) – It means what it means
Kerr, Brummetts Creek, 45, South shore, Robinson – Unionville
45, Tunnel, Shilo, Old 37, Chambers, Bottom – Stay close, go fast

45 – 64 Miles

446 Flashers – Out and back to highway 50, and fast
M&M(cw) – Just a few climbs through Martinsville and Morgantown
Solsberry-Newark-McVille(cw) – Fifty Miles of Ups and Downs
Bartlettsville (cw) – South across the causeway with flat segments
3 Creeks, a Forest & the Groves – Due north, 4 big climbs
Dolan, E’ville,Airport & beyond – North to south on the west side
Owl, Lick,Carmel,Robinson – Almost to Nashville
Stanford-Hobbieville-Springville – Southside Rollers+
Freedom – All the way out west
Northwest Passage – Up old 37, to Gosport and back
Rockport/Judah/Lake Monroe – A shorter way to take the lake
Popcorn with Butter – Southwest to the town of Popcorn, IN (CCW)
Buttered Popcorn – Southwest to the town of Popcorn, IN (CW)
Nashville – Bear Wallow will break you
North Shore-South Shore-Swartz Ridge – Around Lake Lemon
Solsberry-Springville – If you’r on Spencer Pike, you’ve gone too far
Trifecta – West, then South, then East
New Hope-Spencer – To the White River
Owl-Grandma-Morrison – To the Bill Monroe Music Park
Railroad-Morgantown-LowGap – Lots of little climbs up north
Paragon-BryantsCK-Fish-THE House – Up Boltinghouse, at the end
Bartlettsvilleยฒ – A little climby appendix
“Round” Here – Trip around B-Town
Diogo’s Parting Party – Some of D’s favorite roads
Nashville + – Greasy Creek
Martinsville/Low Gap (Griffey) – Not too much climbing in this one
Ripoffthebandaid – Some nice climbs close to home
Carmel Ridge, M-Ville, Old 37 – It’s sorta flat
Shuffle,Shiloh,LowGap,Mville – Switchbacks on Shiloh

65 + Miles

Old Hoosier Hills Route – Only 5,600 feet of climbing
Tulip Trestle-Bloomfield – Billy Bob still loves Charlene
Nashville 90 – Oh, it’s going to hurt
Bloomfield-Owensburg-Springville – Out to Bloomfield
Cataract Falls – Up to the falls, and back
Spencer/Solsberry/Springville – Way up north and way down south
Williams Covered Bridge – Road Trip!
WTF?!(CW) – Special Saddle Sore Century