Lacing Them Up!

The Scholars Inn Bakehouse will be well represented at the Long Run Park circuit race in Louisville, KY this weekend. A full schedule of racing is set to go on Saturday from 9 am through 4 pm. I’ve done this course a couple of years ago, but it was in a cold rain. It’s a deceptively challenging (quoting the promoter) 1.7 mile circuit with an uphill finish. And that’s how I remember it! There’s a technical section that’s really not too,too difficult with a few sweepers around a small lake.

Category 5 Men 30 minutes 9:00 AM
Category 4/5 Men 40 minutes 9:45 AM
LAJRS 10-12 20 minutes 10:40 AM
LAJRS 13-14 20 minutes 10:40 AM
LAJRS 15-16 30 minutes 11:15 AM
LAJRS 17-18 30 minutes 11:15 AM
Masters Men 40+ / 50+ 45min 12:00 PM
Category 3/4 Men 45min 1:00 PM
Cat 1/2/3 Women 45min 2:00 PM
Category 4 Women 45min 2:00 PM
Cat 1/2/3 Men 60min 3:00 PM

Scholars Inn Bakehouse starts things off with the 4/5 men including Sam H, Tom W and Reid F. They’ll be 3 of 75 (pre-registered!) battling for a position up front (and out of danger) on this narrow, twisting course. A couple hours later, after the Juniors race, the 3 / 4 Men line up (69 entrants) with Zach L and Ryan P toeing the line and Sam and Reid in a supporting role in their second race of the day. The Cat 1/2/3 Women are on deck with Rachel F flying the team colors solo, but it looks as though the categories may be combined with the 4s Women, bringing Hannah C, Chelsea M and Liz C to the line as well. That would make for a 30 strong event with Texas Roadhouse’s Tracey Tolson in attendance, a former Women’s Road National Champion. The trick will be for one of them to get into THAT break! The final event is the Men’s 1/2/3 event with 35 pre-registered including Zach L (2nd event) and Clayton F making his team debut. This event has a strong lineup with 8 Texas Roadhouse members lining up including Tracy’s other half, Curtis, a 23 time US Cycling Champion with a strong track pedigree. The racing I did there had a strong prevalence of the winner coming from a break as the field was able to easily control the race from behind. But, of course, anything can happen. My advice- get near the front, and get there early!
Good luck Scholars Inn Bakehouse riders!