2008 Monroe County Hill Climb

The second annual Monroe County Hill Climb took place with an increased field, increased interest but decreased temperatures. On the coolest day of the year since late April a group of 23 riders tackled the climb on Pinegrove road up from Lake Monroe to SR446. First to attempt the grade that has some steep pitches and yet some areas where the riders could but shouldn’t relax was Jon Palak (Team Tortuga). Palak showed that his summer racing has improved his form as he finished with a solid 5m49s good enough for 5th place on the day. The favourites arrived after another 10 minutes with Ryan Knapp (Alderfer Bergen) besting Palaks time with 5m47s. Knapp clearly didn’t lay it all on the road given his quick recovery and the fact that he admitted to creating a playlist on his iPod during the climb! In contrast Mike Sherer (Alderfer Bergen) laid it all on the road to take top spot with 5m45. Sherer clearly has the hill climb gene as he was struggling for breath for a good five minutes after his effort showing the form that took him to victory in the inaugural event ( http://www.teamtortuga.org/blog/?p=70 ).
However it was not to be Sherers day as Renjay Shei (Tortuga) crushed the fastest time with a scorching 5m25s. Shei had the dual benefit of a strenuous warm-up after racing out of class to reach the event and also having Tom Cox as a significant rabbit to catch as his minute-man. Next man up Ryan Shanahan snuck into 2nd place with a 5m43 in an event that is a lot shorter than those that are his forte. Shanahan had the consolation of taking the Over25 trophy whilst the other awards were won by Randi Cox (1st Female) and Greg Moves (1st Frat). Thanks to everyone who came out to ride. The start-finish lines are out on the road so anyone can go out and see what they can do whenever they want! Get out and ride!

Renjay Shei (Tortuga)            5m25
Ryan Shanahan            5m43
Mike Sherer (Alderfer Bergen)    5m45
Ryan Knapp (Alderfer Bergen)    5m47
Jon Palak (Tortuga)            5m49
Zach Trogdon                6m00
Chris Beck (Tortuga)            6m01
Greg Moves (DTD)            6m02
Kameron Gray (CCC)            6m13
Tomasz Golas                6m16
Tom Cox (Alderfer Bergen)        6m17
Valentin Todorow (BKB)        6m17
Brent Powell                6m27
Scott Mueller (BKB)            6m33
Brent Nowinski            6m41
Tim Davis (Tortuga)            6m50
Kirk Weesner (Pike)            6m55
Chris Stoker                 7m07
Randi Cox (Morris Trucking)        7m11
Neil Bansal (Kappa Sigma)        7m19
Evelyn Ewing (Morris Trucking)    7m47
Evan Wolf (Kappa Sigma)        8m10
Liz Nash                8m11
Larry Stropes    (Kappa Sigma)    8m48