2016 Scholars Inn Bakehouse Cycling Team roster spaces still available! Deadline: January 16, 2016

The Scholars Inn Bakehouse Cycling Team has a few positions left for its 2016 team roster across all categories, including Junior riders.  Do you want to train and race with one of Indiana’s premier cycling programs?   Are you ready to ‘up’ your training, fitness and cycling discipline to the next level?  If you’re serious about your cycling, applications and waivers can be found here: https://www.scholarsinncycling.org/join.php.  Or at www.scholarsinncycling.org/team invitations.   For more information send an email to Tom Saccone at director@scholarsinncycling.org or call 812-340-2067.  See our 2015 results and 2016 plan here. The deadline for membership is Saturday, January 16, 2016

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  1. Count me in this year Tom. I need to exchange those shorts for a bigger size. I’ll bring a check to the first team mtg

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