A Midwinter’s Day Dream

Forecasting how big a group may show up at  a ride is part alchemy and part lottery.  Because of today’s BigTen game at Assembly Hall, I expected just a few riders to ride at noon today, which was the tip-off time as well. I was surprised when I arrived at the downtown Bakehouse to see the ‘bike rack’ already full!When I walked inside, an impressive group had already assembled. The early riders included Ryan Knapp (Panther/Bakehouse Granola), Paul Smith, RJ Stuart (Texas Roadhouse), John Becker, Jacob Read, Turner Duncan and Drew Coelho (all Scholars Inn Bakehouse).  This group, and a few others had already ridden the 30 mile Forest loop and had arrived to join our fresh legs for another 55 miles+ on an unseasonably, but welcome warm winter’s day.  Soon, many others arrived, like moths to a street light on a summer’s evening.  I won’t remember all but here’s a sampling; Graham Dewart (Nuvo), Austin Venhuizen, Kevin Newkirk, Kevin Hays, Jeff Thompson, Lyle Feigenbaum, (Scholars Inn), Alex Wilson, Jacob Sinex, Sarah and another (Rainbow), Tomasz Golas (DRT), Charles McClary (Fiji), Emily Palmer, David Elkins, Hans Ibold, Nick Sapp, (Scholars Inn), Max (Delta), Jeff Buchsbaum, Jeremy, Kenny (J’s Bikes, from Terre Haute).  Apologies if I’ve left you off.