Bloomington Cycling Grand Prix

Bloomington Cycling Grand Prix – August 4th!

Come join the action!


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  1. Thanks to those who helped make this years Bloomington race a success. I would say the for the most part we had a good turn out other than the 40+ group. I myself had set my sights on racing the 1-2-3 event for the other Indiana riders who are say 40+ they missed a great opportunity to race a Wonderful event, just as the Cereland race or many others which have had larger fields to compete. I can never understand why the Zipp guys didn’t make the hour trip down. I am sure you would see them at Carmel if the race was still being held or perhaps they just dont have the Criterium skills to race such of an event as Bloomington. Whatever the reason they didn’t make a showing.

    Those of you who weren’t in town you missed a great event here in our back yard.

    I want to Thank Peter for working as hard as he did for he was working all the way to the end. Thanks for the behind the scene work done by those who couldn’t attend.

    One last word is Thanks Sean for the support you gave as I rounded the bend to the finish!

    Tim Davis

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