Battling the elements!

If you’d have told me that 24hrs after wandering down Kirkwood with a tasty (low-fat) ice-cream I’d be huddled shivering by the Sample Gates on Wednesday evening clad in full winter gear, I’d have said you were just crazy! However there I was and even the return of winter didn’t prevent a few brave souls from riding out to 446 for our weekly Wednesday hammer-fest! Messrs Brauner, Lewis, Parry, Garner and Camara were blown out to the 446 loop where we met up with Captain Saccone where we decided to do five laps of the circuit in ‘steady tempo’ formation. Anyway foolish enough to think that would happen clearly doesn’t know racing cyclists! Predictably the first time back onto 446 a slog-line (rather than a paceline) developed into the howling head-sidewind. At sometime during the ride we picked the hitherto MIA Jonathan Purvis and our little group battled some hard laps before we came slight undone during the 4th time into the wind due to some pressured pulls by Myron! No-one could muster the motivation for a final sprint but the points winners were certainly Myron and Mike due to the monster pulls they would take with the tailwind when I thought things were supposed to be easier! Next week- the Paragon loop, lets hope that spring finally appears!!