Day Four – Part One

We’re on our way to breakfast at the restaurant – it’s 10:22AM and we’ve already gotten our first ride of the day out of the way! We were up at 6:30AM to eat a bit of pre-ride meal and with the time change, it was still completely dark outside. By the time we got dressed and out on the road, the sun was just coming up. The air was a bit cool and the new knee-warmers and vests came in pretty handy. I wasn’t sure if I’d need the cool weather clothes that I brought, but I’m glad I did.

We decided to take it easy this morning since we’re heading up to Austin tonight for a [supposedly] big training race that’s been going on for years. Lance has been rumored to show up now and then, but we’re definitely not holding our collective breaths – and that’s most certainly not the reason we’re going. The training race – especially if it’s as large as slated – will be a great test on the ol’ legs to see if we’re where we need to be before our first real race of the season (a week-and-a-half from now.) While we’ve had stretches of going pretty hard during our training rides, it’s hard to get that same kind of race-pace intensity by ourselves.

Needless to say, we called a neutral finish to this morning’s ride and pedaled relatively easy on up the last 3 miles back home. It works out best this way anyhow. The score is one win, one loss, and one tie a piece. We’ll let the finale of the Quail Run Race tomorrow determine who is the king of the mountain. Anyone wanna’ place bets?

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