Eagle Creek Traditional Crit

Cat 3 report:

Parrish back on Podium

Congratulations to Scott Parrish for a well deserved 2nd place in the Cat 3 event. The venue bodes well for the folically gifted one as he won the Cat 4 event in 2005. After a mid season crash at the District Crit last season, Scott has been working to find his form and it certainly showed up Saturday. Well done!

Cat 1/2/3 report:

A good sized field of 40 or so (I’m not good with numbers) to start, with Tortuga, Dogfish, a small contingent of Roadhouse, and a sea of red with Bacardi-Nuvo mixed with a multitude of collegiate/independent riders. Daly starts the event and we’re off with Nuvo quickly moving up to the front and Al Senft attacking solo. Al’s dangling out front it seems for the longest time when the group finally reels him in. A few faux moves and finally Jason Sonneborn rolls off the front near the start-finish. I jump from the same side and catch him at the turn, along in tow come a Dogfish guy and 3 other independents. A lap or so later Bennet V. from Nuvo joins and I’m thinking “ah oh….” So it’s two B-Nuvos and the rest of us. We’re working pretty well and with injured Patrick Delisle and Bob Brooks on the sidelines, I’m getting word that John Kelly is coming up. Good news thinks I…I then try slowing the break, and it does come down oh so close, but then bam – back up again. With not long to go and enough time on the field that we won’t be caught, I’m thinking what needs to be done to finish well. With 3 to go and pulling through the group I mention to the strongest independent, a collegiate rider from Colorado, that Bennet will attack with 1.5 to go (thinking Ceraland all over…). He nods in understanding. All set for the finish as I look for support, but guess what? It doesn’t happen. On the last lap our pace comes to a crawl just before the turn leading to the base of the “climb”. At 17 mph Sonneborn launches with Bennet in tow and the Colorado collegian behind him. My sorry butt sits in 6th from this as I’m on the wrong side from where Sonney goes…Up the hill and on it as hard as I can…The Col Collegian takes Bennet at the line and I roll up in 4th. Yes, Horus, I’m a work in progress on the sprint…But I did pick the right stranger as the strong one…

Fireworks afterward

For those witness to our parking lot “celebration” of a top 5 finish in this event, everything is in fine order with our squad. The in-love turtles post event e-mail solidified that we’re clicking along just fine. No worries regarding our gelling as a team. I know some competitors may have been concerned as to our well being. Thanks for your support.

Manning up and getting in the way –

– Chris