This past wednesday saw the first significant Wednesday test of the year- The forest-north shore-south shore loop where those with no climbing legs would soon be found out. A group of 25 rolled out and kept a steady tempo on old37 past Anderson road and onto the first of the days climbs. The tempo was hard but fair on this drag but as soon as the lip was reached the attacks blasted off with the Morris Trucking duo of Issac Neff and Ryan Knapp to the fore. I was promptly dropped and then punctured (unfortunately in that order) so Ren-jay Shei will take up the story-

The rest of the worlds went well…we got going pretty fast, regrouped at the bottom of
Bean Blossom, then got going again after the big hill on North Shore. There were tons of
attacks by Kehrberg, Neff, Knapp, Sherer, Chartier and some other people. Myron and
Isaiah were kind enough to tow me back up when I was feeling poopy. We kept a good pace
with an alarmingly fast attack by Kerhberg on South Shore. We regrouped after a
successful chase, and then Neff took off going up the hill on South Shore. I barely hung
on the back and then the pace eased back up a little at the top. When we got to
Robinson, there was a strong attack by Myron and he stayed away until just before the 1/2
mile to go mark, when he was caught. There were some more attacks, but nobody was sure
where the finish was, as we all have no sense of how far a 1/2 mile is. Kerhberg came
flying up the left side and I hopped on his wheel. He took the final sprint easily with
Sherer second and me third. Overall one heck of a ride. Great turnout, especially
considering the dreary weather.

Next week the forest loop riding up Beanblossom. Climbing legs required again!