Full off racing.

Well in stark contrast to what was an exciting Cat1/2 race the Cat3 race at Ceraland from my perspective was anything but. Tortuga started with 5riders (Fryska, Palmer, Parrish, Parry, Saccone) in a good 60+ field so controlling the day was a little unlikely. I judged that as usual the race would be settled in the last 20mins so I bedded in toward the back with occasional jaunts up to and off of the front. Mssrs Palmer and Fryska were detemined to make something happen though and as I poked my head above the straining bodies I oft time saw them off the front in a variety of groups. As expected though the race was all togther with about 15mins to go at which point Tom and myself were going to move on up and try play a part in the end game. Sadly this wasn’t to be as inexplicably the race completely shut down for the last 4laps and we proceeded to dawdle around at 20mph (with a few crashes) until the literally half a lap to go when the full on dash to line commenced. Fryska managed to weave his way through into the top 15 but those of us without the ability or the balls (good or bad thing- you decide) to work our way through were left to wonder why we all raced like a bunch of pussies. Suffice to say if I had been up front I would have attacked the 20mph ‘race’ but couldn’t find a way through the kerb to kerb gutless wonders. A disappoinintg race all around!