It’s The End of the World as we know it

Well, the world didn’t end.  So we went for a ride today despite brutally cold temperatures.  The wind was slight but many roads were treacherous on an originally planned route to the north.  I drove to the downtown Bakehouse because I couldn’t get out of my neighborhood safely on the bike.

Also, did I mention that it was brutally cold out?  I parked at my office and cycled down to the start.  I had received a series of texts from Colin, concerned (as any mad dog or Englishman would be) about the conditions.  He was on the fence initially, but nevertheless met us on 1st street as we exited the town.

When I arrived at the Bakehouse, Emma Caughlin was already there.  She had been communicating with Emily Palmer, and Brant Powell (BKB).  Emily arrived soon thereafter as Emma was finishing her Bakehouse Intensity coffee (light and sweet!).  We left just after 12 and met Brant on Kirkwood.  Colin joined us and the five of us rode easily, just enough to stay warm, out to 446.  It was wet, but we decided to ride to the base of the causeway – to Cutright – and head back.  It was colder in the valley so we welcomed the climb back.  We talked the whole way.  The roads were wet but safe and passable.  The distance was just about right as the cold was beginning to settle in, in a meaningful way as we turned for home.

The sun and little breeze made for an enjoyable respite from a couple of hours indoors.   This time of year, I am grateful just to be out in the sun as much as I am to be on the bike, and with some good company.  See you tomorrow, when the tempo of the ride may be more desperate for the author!