Like the elephant sitting in the corner, the upcoming MMSFRR is difficult to ignore for those of us who plan on tackling it both for MAG7 points or just for the ‘fun’ of it! Therefore as this weeks worlds were planned as the forest loop we took advantage and rode Bean Blossom the hard way (upward). There was a smallish group for the ride this week but that didn’t stop the pace picking up well as we rolled onto Anderson road. However as we approached BB the pace slackened slightly until A.Frsyka (know as the ‘attacker’) kept the pace decent. On the climb Ren-jay gave it some stick and a small group went away. Those of us further back were grateful for mssrs Kehrberg and Cox keeping it steady and then helping us back to the front. A regrouping and a steady paceline ensued all through the forest and up Hindustan. Back onto Anderson the racing began again as ‘attacker’ and Myron Lewis held off the rest of the pack for the best part of the road. Onto BB a general truce was called and our group was marshalled at a reasonable pace up the hill….all except ‘attacker’ who once again put in a big effort up the hill. This sadly was the last we’d see of ‘attacker’ as once the group bridged it was sayonara and goodbye as the ‘man with the hammer’ was observed to be hitting Mr Fryska about the head!
The attacks started in the Forest and the pace was high troughout until the expected showdown occurred on Hinudstan where Kehrberg and Caughlin rocketed off of the front. The remaining turtles and one or two others got together in a fierce paceline mostly driven by M.Brauner who proceeded to blow more than one of us off of the back…on the downhill! Alas the two escapees stayed away until the finish but all who rode got in a good workout in preperation for the race on June 25th. Sadly on that day it’ll be 4 laps and not 2. Ouch!