Scholars Inn Bakehouse Announces its 2012 Roster

2012 Scholars Inn Bakehouse Elite program

January 1, 2012. 

The Scholars Inn Bakeouse cycling team is proud to announce its roster for 2012.  “A majority of our core racers are returning from a very successful 2011 campaign, ” Team Director Tom Saccone said.  “We’re also bringing more depth to the 2012 season with a few key additions and upgraded riders to the men’s and women’s elite programs.”  The team is in its second year with new title sponsor, The Scholars Inn Bakehouse.  Other sponsors include; Oliver Winery, IU Bloomington Health, The Bicycle Garage, Iron Pit Gym, True Physique, Simmons Performance and EZ Dine.  The team is also a member of USA Cycling, the governing body of competitive cycling in the United States and supports the Bloomington Boys and Girls Club.

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Elite Men’s squad

Graham Dewart

Fred Rose

Ren Jay Shei

Sasha Land

Ryan Shanahan

RJ Stuart

Jon Atwell


Men’s Cat 2 squad

Neil Broshears

Chris West

Myron Lewis


Elite Women’s squad (Category 3)

Liz Cobb

Rachel Fullmer

Sarah Fredrickson

Emily Palmer


Men’s Category 3 Sponsored squad

Sam Harbison

Nick Sapp

Ryan Preske

Thomas Walsh


Committee Chairpersons for 2012


Tom Saccone                                     Director

Vacant/Available                              Assistant Director

Kat Uchman                                       Events and Marketing

Hans Ibold                                          Communications

Gary Palmer                                       Information Technology

Colin Allen & Carl Field                   Ride Coordinators

Complete Roster as of January 1, 2012

Elite Men

Cat 3 Men

Elite Women

Jon Atwell Colin Allen Rachel Fullmer
Graham Dewart Gary Palmer Emily Palmer
Sasha Land (new) Hans Ibold Liz Cobb
Ryan Shanahan Tom Saccone Sarah Fredrickson
Ren-Jay Shei Jon Purvis (returning)
RJ Stuart
Fred Rose

Cat 4 Men

Cat 4 Women

Emma Caughlin

Cat 2 Men

David Shirley Lanie Deppe
Neil Broshears (new) Lauren Gowdy
Chris West (new) Katie Reed
Myron Lewis Kathleen Uchman
Lisa Hutcheson

Cat 3 Sponsored

Cat 5 Men

Theresa Perkins
Ryan Preske (New) Joe Dempsey, Brian Depasse
Nick Sapp Carl Field
Sam Harbison Aaron Prange
 Thomas Walsh (New) Cameron Johns, Alex Jerden
Nick Torrance, Jared Lorince
Drew Coehlo, Aaron Stanley