Scholars Inn Bakehouse Cycling Team Launch Party

Team Scholars Inn Bakehouse Launch Party

Team Scholars Inn Bakehouse will be having a launch party on Wednesday November 17th at 8pm at the Scholars Inn Bakehouse (125 N College Ave). Further details of the team can be found here. In short we are putting together a small elite team, a slightly larger Cat 3 squad and will welcome as many Women and Cat4/5 riders who are willing to dedicate themselves to racing and representing the team in an respectable appropriate manner.
Therefore we would like to invite people to hear our vision for the team and meet similarly minded individuals. If you want to attend then please contact a member of the leadership team and we will put you on the guest list.Yours,
Team Scholars Inn Bakehouse

Lyle Feigenbaum
Tom Saccone
Geraint Parry
Aaron Pilling