Scholars Inn Riders in IUSF’s ITT Tonight!

A dozen Scholars Inn Bakehouse Team Tortuga cyclists are competing in the ITT tonight at Armstrong Stadium. They’ll be in their Greek kits of course, but will be flying the Bakehouse colors as well on their sleeve (metaphorically!). Tom Walsh (Cutters) is paired on the track with Grahm Bailey (Cru) at 4:40. Nick Sapp (Delta Tau Delta) takes off at 5:10. Nick Lenard (Delta Tau Delta) is off at 6:40. Emma Caughlin (Teter) at 6:45. Sam Harbison (Cutters) 7:20. Lauren Gowdy (Teter) 8:10. Hannah Calvert (Army) 8:40. Lisa Hutcheson (Teter) 8:50. Zach Lusk (Cutters) 8:55. RJ Stuart (Delta Tau Delta) 8:55. Sam Stanford (Cutters) 10:10.

Get the full schedule here:

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  1. My money is on Scholars Inn riders to take the Mens’ and Womens’ events tonight! (and the Wednesday Worlds!)

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