The Herd!

The warm weather, the 446 circuit and the recent end of the school year meant the Wednesday Worlds likely had a season high of riders as approximately 45 riders met at the samples gates ready to do battle over 8 laps of our high speed circuit. The few Tortugans who joined us out at the circuit must have had quite the shock as the herd of riders appeared over the horizon!! Added to about 20 Turtles were a flying group of students about to head off the Collegiate Nationals and also other local luminaries.
Credit must go to all participants as the ride was very safe with no obvious close-calls either with each other or with any passing vehicles! The size of the group really dominated the day as even though the pace stayed high no significant breakaways could form. This was exemplified by the fact the pace at the top of the ‘446 rise’ was sedate on most laps and lacked the usual furious chase from those at the back of the bunch. Into the last two laps, and aside from a brief solo attack from Mike Kehrberg, the group was focused on the finish. Through the final corner and into the last half mile a group of at least 30 riders were still in contention as only Tim Heffner was willing to lead out the sprint. Fortunately the finale was safe and it was the ‘peaking’ Mike Sherer who pipped ‘just starting out’ Karim Abelkader to the line.
It was also great to see so many ladies out on the rider and props to Sarah Rieke who rode near the front for the majority of the ride and seems unfazed by the excess of testosterone all about her! Next week- the Paragon loop.