Tuesday Night TT Results 6/3/2014

1    Jonathan Jacob   TT      20:49
2    Fred Rose        TT      21:54
3    Jason Romain     TT (F)  23:48
4    Owen Stone       M       24:11
5    Devin O'Leary    M       24:28
6    Paul Smith       M       24:42
7    Jeff Buchsbaum   TT      25:03
8    Laura Fellicetti M       26:12
9    Ren-Jay Shei     TT      26:26
10   Cameron Johns    M       27:00

Results courtesy Carl Field

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  1. Glad to see more people out there last night. With luck we’ll continue to see the numbers grow as the season continues. Looking at the times, Jonathan is a rocket and needs no introductions but it was neat to see some of the folks who ran last week already making progress. (Nice one Jeff). Laura too is on her way to real improvement. I have the feeling that with a TT bike she would be in position to make a run at the women’s course record this summer. Good to see the Little 5ers making an appearance. First run times on road bikes in the 24 minute range speaks well of their fitness and hints at some really fast times to cone later in the season. Jason continues to impress me (all the more so because his chosen weapon is a fixed gear bike.) Good job, All. Stay after it and I look forward to seeing you all in 2 weeks!

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