Wednesday Worlds #2 – “Lost In Translation”

Our 2nd edition of the 2006 Worlds was as squirrelly as the prevailing winds this evening, as I title this post for numerous reasons…Calls this afternoon indicate some confusion as to the route selection by our GRC (group ride coordinator) and I end up finding out that the route is 2 laps around Morgan Monroe State Forest, not the Lower Paragon Loop that I had mentioned to a least a half dozen riders during the week. Even at the start of the ride the question came up again; forest loop? or lower Paragon?

Doesn’t matter, really. Both have some good climbs and fast sections; should be a good workout no matter what, right? That is the purpose to the Worlds – if you’re riding back into town from one of these and you’re not spent, that’s your problem, no one elses. I’ll stop there, for I could rant further…

We roll out tonight without any encounter from the local gendarms (a problem last week on a ride for some) and keep it civil as per instructions at Sample Gates. 25- 30 in the group (I’m not good with numbers). I heard “neutral until the Forest” – a bit long I think before revving it up, but I go along with it. Not until North on Old 37 before Anderson Rd do I have yet another translation issue – apparently it was to be neutral up the first hill nearing the “Orchard” – I won’t go into geographical detail. Somehow I find myself chasing after chatting too much in the first 2 miles of the ride – the pace is upped to 25+ and we’re not close to the “revving” point of the ride. Not sure what was up with that, but it did settle down a bit.

Things get stretched out a bit on the first climb as a group of 15 or so push up and along Old 37 entering into the Forest. A select few reach the turn in first, but soon after it regroups and we’re hammering along…We reach Beanblossom hill and head flying down. The Artesian Hammer has warned of utility cuts at the base of the hill and sure enough it’s pretty rough. The group stays together onto Anderson as we head back to Old 37 to end lap one. As we near the end of this section, a sprint unfolds to the imaginary spot that I’ve never been clear for a finish. My next search for translation – where is it? Is it a sign? A pole? A mailbox? That road that intersects Anderson? Anyhow, the pace speeds and a rider sprints lone to this spot…

We continue to roll past and a counter attack occurs, Patrick Delisle (surprise Indy mate of the evening) reacts and I go as well. At the turn onto Old 37 Patrick continues up ahead and I short bridge to him. Heading into the climb Patrick puts down a wicked pace with me in tow along with 2 Little 5’ers and the lone Nuvo of the night, Jason Sonneborn. The 5 of us continue to pull away from the group and we’re gone – into the forest and back down Beanblossom. As we’re nearing Anderson, we spot some of the original group – my next losing of translation – did we lap them? Where did they come from? Odd.

Yes, I am going to conclude this post – We did pull through the group and continue at a solid pace to the imaginary sprint area (spot, place) with Patrick leading out, Sonneborn in tow and myself lying third. Sonney and I did come around Patrick and he claims the mailbox while I claimed the pole beyond. Where is that d&#n sprint line? This is my translation and I’m sticking to it.

Thanks to Patrick for coming down tonight and putting in an awesome effort. I was hanging on for dear life up that climb! Training ride or race, there’s no better feeling than being up in a break with one of your mates.

Next up is Cereland, our first big event of the 2006 season. From what I’ve seen so far, it’s going to be a battle royale.


  1. Sorry for any confusion with the route yesterday. I chatted with Tom and Feske after the race (one lap in my case!) and we’ll try to liase at the start of the week to decide a route. In fact those guys have offered to go out and paint finish lines on the roads for the popular rides. In my experience the problem with the worlds is other folks can resent the (mostly rightful) tortuga domination of the ride. Hoepfully with a bit of collaboration then everyone can be happy. Though when it comes down to it the ride is all about the hammer so where you go or with whom is irrelevant as long as you HURT at the end of it!

    Good work Chris and Patrick yesterday. It was a good group yesterday with those L5ers helping to mix it up a bit. Next week- The paragon loop, into the forest, anderson and then finish at the bridge back on Old 37. Roll on!!

  2. Hey! I thought you guys were doing the 446 loop. I was waiting there for hours! Oh well, we’ll catch you next time. See you girls at “show-time” this weekend.

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