Wet Worlds

Thunder and lightening in the vicinity couldn’t hold back about 20 riders from tackling the 446 loop. The weather didn’t turn out too bad in fact- we got pelted with rain for about a lap and then it got sunnyr….which all amounted to us all looking pretty tuff in soggy jerseys and darkened faces.
The riding was hard and fast with no-where to hide all evening. The first 4 laps largely saw the group stay together until finally Chris and Mike K got off the front and started cruising away from the group. Round the top turn the pace in the group picked up and suddenly it all went to sh-t for a few of us. A gap opened up and quick as a flash Tom S, Heff, Karim and an already struggling GP were off the back and gone! The following laps saw three different groups working out the full 8 lap distance. Kroll again showed that his form has once taken another leap this year as him and Kehrberg held a 10-20sec gap over the ‘bunch’ of Sonny, Bauer. K.Moore, Steve B and new guy in town, Myron. All were working hard but couldn’t bring reel the Kroll-berg tandem in! GP was fortunate to get a tow round in the third group by mssrs Saccone and Brauner both of whose form is bubbling under nicely for challenges that lie ahead. All in all another good workout which after all is what its all about! Next week- Paragon