Winter Ride

We had a nice ride today. Six met at the Scholars Inn Bakehouse for a cold opportunity to stare down old man winter for another day.   We were already weary of our rollers and trainers and Spinerval DVDs and old TDF videos with outcomes well known and worn out.  Today was a new day and 2012 is really just around the corner.  Todays course was pre-posted on our website so we knew what was ahead of us, a significant advantage when the weather is challenging.  Thanks to the team’s newly appointed ride coordinators, Colin Allen and Carl Field- taking away the ‘unknown’ factor for some participants.   A 40 mile course was chosen that circumnavigated the county but, by design was never more than 7 or 8 miles away from downtown at it’s furthest point.  This allowed a bailout from several areas.

We finished our coffee and warm scones at the Bakehouse, met a few ‘studying’ cyclists jealously wrapping up final papers as we departed to our frigid challenge.  The ride was chatty and friendly traveling counterclockwise toward the airport, then to Clear Creek to Schwartz Ridge to 446 and home again.   This was a no-drop ride, as all will be during the winter, so regroups were frequent at the top of climbs and the emphasis was on support, safety and sharing stories.  The sun was out and the skies were clear but our water bottles were useless as all had icy rime encrusted spouts within 30 minutes.  We were dressed just like you would have been for a ride like this with some of us resorting to carbon toe warmers inside our booties.

The routes are posted at the team website.  They’re public so all can view them.  The rides are open to all riders as well.  So come and join us.  It’s a perfect opportunity to ride with a disciplined group without the fear of getting dropped or being intimidated.  That scenario only ever occurs during the winter and early spring rides, so bundle up and get on out!  Look for information at the Scholars Inn web site.  Visit  Or, contact our ride coordinators for more information.