A New Beginning

Welcome to the Team Tortuga / Big Brothers Big Sisters Blog page – we hope you enjoy this and the many other enhancements to our Website. Endless thanks to Vic Emond for all of his efforts to improve the look, feel, and experience of Team Tortuga’s internet presence. If you haven’t had a chance, check out the photos page – WOW!!! It’s awesome! – Stay tuned for tons of photos to be added.

Along with the website redesign, there will be another enhanced look to Team Tortuga. Our new 2006 team kits are in transit and will soon be donned by all members. Thanks to Sean Bauer’s ever skillful creativity in improving the look of our team clothing. It’s going to be awesome!

What would a new beginning be without new players? I want to publicly thank the former members of Duke/Big Brothers for merging with Tortuga and bringing great leadership, experience, and success to the team. We look forward to a great 2006 season.

Ride hard, be safe, have fun.

– Chris

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