Karim, 1. Vic, 1.

We just finished up another decent ride on day 2 of our Texas training-camp. The 85Β° heat, cloudless skies and 20mph wind from the SSW made for a fairly challenging ride – even though we had decided at the onset of today’s excursion that we’d take it easy.

We started our ride heading north into San Marcos (Karim’s Mom lives on the south end of town) with the intention of making a 3+ hour trip up to Austin and back. However, since we were just there last night – a bit too early in the morning – we didn’t get going until almost noon today and thought it best that we just blaze some new trails for a couple of hours and not get too far from town. Next time we’ll bring a map — we ended up doing circles around town trying to find a decent road out of metropolitan San Marcos. All in all, not a bad ride – just not too satisfying since we never really made it out of San Marcos.

We finished up the ride, I suppose like every ride will finish while we’re here, trying to drop one another up the 3-mile climb back to home base. I spanked Karim yesterday. He edged me today (it won’t happen again). Karim, 1. Vic, 1.

(Kudos to CP for overhauling my bike perfectly for the season. It’s been riding quietly solidΒ and worry-free.)