Tuesday Night TT Results 5/24/2016

1	Ian Boggs	TT	23:11
2	Sean Hurley	TT	23:39
3	Brad Shannon	TT	23:44
4	Jake Parker	TT	24:08
5	Dave Harstad	TT	24:46
6	Joe Kruegel	TT	24:48
7	Bob Costello	TT	25:20
8	Eric Rodkin	TT	25:32
9	Jake Lowinger	M 	25:37
10	Larry Mullinex	TT	25:46
11	Scott Alber	TT	25:53
12	Sarah Sanders	TT	26:10
13	Ryan Bredemeyer	M	27:00
14	Barbara Perkins	TT	27:28
15	Melissa Ragatz	M	29:39
16	Megan Agnew	M	31:05

Results courtesy Carl Field

The Tour of Bloomington Bicycle Race: ITT, Criterium, State Championship RR and Omnium

The Tour of Bloomington Bicycle Race Omnium 

powered by the Scholars Inn Bakehouse

The Scholars Inn Bakehouse cycling team, one of the Midwest’s premier cycling clubs is hosting the Tour of Bloomington, a bicycle race series permitted by USA Cycling, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, July 22nd, 23rd and 24th, 2016.  Friday’s 7:00 pm race is a time trial in the Morgan-Monroe State Forest pitting individual riders against the clock, Saturday’s race is a criterium consisting of several laps on the streets of downtown Bloomington finishing on East Kirkwood in the heart of the city.  The racing begins at 10:30 am and goes through 8:00 pm.  The road race on Sunday begins at 10:00 am and ends at 4:00 pm and is on the challenging and picturesque roads of the Morgan-Monroe State Forest and surrounding area, finishing at the top of Beanblossom Road. Register for the events here:  https://www.bikereg.com/events/Road-Races/Midwest.

Tuesday Night TT Results 5/10/2016

1	Jake Lowinger	M	25:31
2	Ryan Bredemeyer	M	26:02
3	Jordan Bailey	TT	29:00
4	Amelia Anderson	M	30:50
5	Megan Agnew	M	31:23
6	Brad Shannon	TT      DNF -- puncture

Results courtesy Carl Field

The Sublime Art of Hanging On

It was a warm day for the middle of Winter. I live on the top of one of Bloomington’s notable climbs, so descending it on even a cool day is bracing. I was on my new Cannondale Evo Six13, presented to me unexpectedly as a gift from the team a short while ago, a kind gesture beyond words. I thought of taking the 1989 Atala that I recently restored with new paint, decals and period Campagnolo components, many of which hung on the original frame, but I sensed that the unseasonably warm prediction would bring the elite riders out to play and I would need every last ounce of weight-shaving, wind-cheating, ego-centric technology at my beck and call!

2016 Scholars Inn Bakehouse Cycling Team roster spaces still available! Deadline: January 16, 2016

The Scholars Inn Bakehouse Cycling Team has a few positions left for its 2016 team roster across all categories, including Junior riders.  Do you want to train and race with one of Indiana’s premier cycling programs?   Are you ready to ‘up’ your training, fitness and cycling discipline to the next level?  If you’re serious about your cycling, applications and waivers can be found here: https://www.scholarsinncycling.org/join.php.  Or at www.scholarsinncycling.org/team invitations.   For more information send an email to Tom Saccone at director@scholarsinncycling.org or call 812-340-2067.  See our 2015 results and 2016 plan here. The deadline for membership is Saturday, January 16, 2016

Tuesday Night TT Results 9/15/2015

1	Ian Boggs	TT	22:12 
2	Spencer Miller	TT	22:56 
3	Brad Shannon	TT	23:27 
4	Matt Thompson	TT	23:57 
5	Scott Albers	TT	24:29 
6	Neil Bassett	M	27:12 
7	Barbara Perkins	TT	27:48 
8	Kayla Brahm	M	33:02

Results courtesy Craig Paiement

Tuesday Night TT Results 9/1/2015

1	Ian Boggs	(TT)	22:47
2	Dave Harstad	(TT)	24:07
3	Eric Knackmuhs	(M)	24:54
4	Scott Alber	(TT)	24:58
5	Shane Slaven	(TT)	25:05
6	Elliot Parshall	(M)	26:28
7	Megan Huibregste	(M)	28:20
8	Ivy Moore	(M)	30:00

Results courtesy John Boshears

Tuesday Night TT Results 8/18/2015

1	Jordan Bailey	TT	23:32
2	Spencer Miller	TT	23:42
3	Ryan Romaneski	M	24:30
4	Brad Shannon	TT	24:30
5	Scott Alber	TT	25:03
6	Larry Mullinix	TT	25:17
7	Blayne Roeder	TT	25:21
8	Barbara Perkins	TT	27:36

Results courtesy Carl Field

Tuesday Night TT Results 7/22/2015

1	Ian Boggs	TT	23:04
2	Brad Shannon	TT	23:47
3	Jordan Bailey	TT	23:56
4	Matt Plunkett	TT	24:53
5	Scott Todd	TT	25:22
6	Blayne Roeder	TT	25:31
7	Scott Alber	TT	25:57
8	Tom Chorny	M	26:06
9	Ryan Bredemeyer	M	26:30
10	Dave Harstad	M 	27:04
11	Brian Moscicki	TT	31:10

Results courtesy Carl Field

Tuesday Night TT Results 6/23/2015

1	Anthony Vicino	M	23:49
2	Ryan Romenaski	M	24:31
3	Larry Mullinnix	TT	24:45
4	Blayne Roeder	TT	25:01
5	Andrew Krahulik	L5	25:05
6	Scott Alber	TT	25:20
7	Brad Bailey	TT	25:23
8	Maddison Russell	M	26:17
9	Jake Cohen	M	26:30
10	John Boshears	M	26:34
11	Neil Bassett	M	27:21
12	Chris Bonham	M	28:10
13	Kayla Brahm	M	32:49

Results courtesy Carl Field