Bloomington Velo Team Time Trial

Tuesday October 5th at 5:00 PM

Bloomington Velo will be hosting a team time along the very popular Wayport loop. This will be a free event that is open to the general public, there will not be a registration fee or professional timing. This is a race where everyone can engage in friendly competition and enjoy the company of fellow cyclists. Public parking will not be available, cyclists are encouraged to ride to the start point. Acceptable bikes for this event are time trial, road, and little 5 bikes.

The time trial route is a 6.62-mile course that circles around I-69 along Wayport Road & Burma Road. The start line is located in front of Oliver Winery. The course will run clockwise starting south on Wayport and end on the start line completing 1 lap.

All racers participating in this event voluntarily agree to racing on open roads and acknowledging that Bloomington Velo is not responsible for any injuries or damage to equipment. The risks of road cycling include but are not limited to road condition, weather, vehicular traffic, and personal health/fitness parameters. All racers participating in this event are competing at their own risk.

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