Rainy Team Ride-Springville

Nine team members met at the Scholars Inn Bakehouse for a team ride today at 11 am under overcast but warm skies; Team Captains Aaron, Fred, Liz, Jason and Carl, along with Hannah, Scott, Will and me. We chose a south and westerly route that took us through Harrodsburg and Popcorn and ultimately to the aptly named Springville. Once we were out of town, we encountered rain on and off, and the roads were in pretty rough shape so we kept the communication high with regard to these hazards. We ended up doing about 50 miles out and back, on what could have been an otherwise stay-at-home day. The beauty of the ride was in its discipline and tempo. Not too hard, not too easy. The captains helped to keep the ride structured without being overbearing and showed excellent leadership in getting us home fast and safe. We all took turns at the front, some more than others and the miles just clicked by, despite the less than ideal conditions. It was a good re-entry from the festivities and much deserved celebrations from the Little 500. Next week we’ll have our kits and we’ll really begin to look like a well oiled machine!