TKO Race Weekend!

Planet Adventure is hosting a series of 3 events this weekend, two crits and a circuit race, that will be well attended judging from the nearly 500 pre-registration list over all categories. The Scholars Inn Bakehouse cycling team will be well represented in many events this weekend, fielding over 20 cyclists in several categories. The races take place in Lawrence on Friday, Carmel on Saturday and Broadripple on Sunday. Throughout the weekend, our 123 racers include RJ Stuart (showing good Little 500 form), Clayton Feldman, Rob Smallman (coming off of a high placing at Mt. Mitchell recently), Scott Catanzaro and Ren-Jay Shei (peaking for the collegiate nationals) and Fred Rose. In the 3/4 events we have Reid Flood, Sam Stanford and Thomas Walsh (with lots of resident Little 500 speed), Gary Palmer, Ryan Preske, Tom Saccone and Aaron Pilling. For 4/5 races we have Reid Flood doubling up, Aaron Prange in his first USA Cycling series, Nick Sapp, Jacob Sinex and David Shirley. Our women include Hannah Calvert (with two USACycling wins under her belt), Lauren Gowdy and Emma Caughlin (fresh from outstanding Little 500 performances) and Liz Cobb.

This will be the first real test of the resiliency and adaptability of the new squads (and the new kits!) against significant competition poised to try and spoil the party! In nearly every category, we’ll battle with large representation from Aldefer Bergen, Bissel, Sustainable Cycling, Nuvo, Panther, Texas Roadhouse, Indie Bike and Zipp among others. Many teams are fielding 6-9 riders in some categories forcing less-well represented squads to pick and choose what breaks to chase and what wheel to follow in the final kilometers. You can bet that our competition will be wondering what this new team is capable of. Let’s not disappoint them! Tom